Awkward fart from student ruins golden lesson plan

Atlanta, GA – While teaching her 3rd period 7th grade class, science teacher, Sondra Pratt recounts the event that passed as something that would only happen to a teacher. It was 10:33am at Williams Middle School and local 7th grader Josh Hall was more than prepared for the day. “When I woke up this morning, my mom made me eat this leftover egg casserole we had from church that week” he recalled. “It wasn’t the kind of casserole that was filled with things that slow your system down” his mother said. “He has been having blockage issues for a few days and I wanted to help his bowels feel better.”

Ms. Pratt’s lesson plan on the sun is one that she described as “straight fire” and one that she uses to get students excited about stars. She has refined it over 10 years of teaching and as she was telling students how she wanted their minds to explode like the gasses on the sun, Josh couldn’t hold it and let his excitement rip. It was the first fart he’d had in 7 days – “What a relief” he said. “I was ready to focus after I let it go”, however, Ms. Pratt and the class evacuated the room and wound up playing basketball in the gym for the remainder of the period. Ms. Pratt hopes she can get them back on task tomorrow.


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