Student misleads teacher by pretending to understand

Arlington, VT – Jeremy Finley scored a 57 on his most recent chemistry exam, bewildering his teacher and parents alike. “He never asked a single question,” says first year teacher Mr. Sionko. “I guess I assumed he was understanding the material.¬†Jeremy demonstrated below average proficiency throughout the entire exam, frequently making mistakes indicative of someone who lacked even a basic understanding of the subject matter.¬†“I was basically guessing,” says Jeremy.

We spoke with several of Jeremy’s close friends who told us that they were aware that Jeremy didn’t understand the material, but felt like he would still be able to pass the class due to the fact that Mr. Sionko gives only scantron tests and is required to offer make up opportunities to failing students. We asked Jeremy’s school advisor for comment and they declined, pointing instead to a 92 page PDF posted o the county website. Jeremy’s parents, E.B. and Susan Finley said Jeremy was a hard worker, who had beaten the popular game Mine Craft in less than a week.

Moving forward, Jeremy is optimistic, “I will find my passion, but I think it’s a blessing to know it’s not chemistry.” Mr. Sionko was not available for comment due to his attendance at a professional learning training.


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