Student shocked to find ZERO in progress report

Fort Worth, TX – Local student Kelsey Strader was shocked to find a zero in her 6-week progress report only after her parents inquired what happened sources confirmed. Kelsey said, “I must have turned in the work, I am sure I did”. Her teacher, Mr. Hartson did not respond to a request for comment initially, however after Kelsey’s parents sent 15 emails, they finally got a response. Mr. Hartson said, “Mr. and Mrs. Strader, Kelsey did not turn in the assignment therefore she will receive a zero. Thanks, Mr. Hartson”.
School officials say that the Strader family did not like the response they received and contacted the school’s assistant principal. The assistant principal, Angela Balton, laughed when she heard what happened and told the Straders, “If Kelsey doesn’t turn in the work, Mr. Hartson can’t give the grade”. Students say that Kelsey now hates Mr. Hartson’s math class. Turns out Kelsey’s opinion makes no difference to Mr. Hartson, he said, “Kelsey is a smart kid who doesn’t apply herself. I won’t let her attitude impact me or my teaching – she’ll grow up soon enough”. Sources confirmed Mr. Hartson gave 2 other students a zero on this progress report.


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